The International Symposium on Landslides has a long and successful history that has brought geoscientists and other interested people together for four decades around the common theme of landslides. The symposium started in 1972 in Kyoto, Japan followed by a successful series of symposiums, leading to the most recent editions in Xi’an, China (X ISL 2008), in Alberta, Canada (XI ISL 2012), and in Napoli, Italy (XII ISL 2016). The XIII ISL is designed as the meeting point for engineers, geologists, geoscientists, planners, economist and decision makers on the common topic of landslides and their impact on society and environment.

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The theme of the symposium will be: Landslides and sustainable development.

The symposium objectives are:

+ Present and discuss recent advances in the identification and analysis of the factors associated with weather, seismic-tectonic and volcanic activity and human activities that trigger landslides.
+ Exchange and discuss case histories and risk management oriented towards sustainable development in resilient societies.
+ Know and comunicate the recent advances in the state of the knowledge on the topics of the symposium.


+ March 4th, 2019 - Call for Papers / Open
+ February 17th, 2020 - Papers deadline
+ April 3th, 2020 - Decision to authors
+ April 23th, 2020 - Final Papers submission
+ April 30th, 2020 - Final decision to authors
+ April 30th, 2020 - Early payment

+ Submissions and Program