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    The article must'nt have more than 12 pages and should have the stablished format, otherwise will not be considered for valuation. Maximum file size: 20 MB.


    * If article is submitted by students, you must be part of a research group recognized by Colciencias (in Colombia) or the corresponding entity whether foreign, belonging to an Online Research declared and have a Director who have at least the quality of Co-Author. If they are not academic papers, should be submitted by geotechnical professionals, with postgraduate training or practice of this specialty of engineering, who wants to present their contributions to the state of knowledge or geotechnical practice. Articles that make explicit propaganda trademarks or products (except in recognized or licensed software systems ordinary use) will not be accepted.
    ** The electronic file must be downloaded in Word ® and meet the requirements established by the Technical Committee of the events, including the format (template). The maximum size is 12 pages and 20 MB (both). All articles approved by the Technical Committee shall be included in the reports of the events that will be given to attendees the day of enrollment digital format, therefore you must meet the deadline date delivery established, from which the system for submissions is automatically disabled; only works with a previously approved summary will be received.
    *** When you submit an article, the author (s)  agrees with the general rules for sending and receiving works from events, the ACCEPTANCE of the results of subsequent processes such as Review, Approval or not, presentation of paper or not (as decided by the Technical and Organizing Committees) and  publishing rights in the SCG’s communication media . Only articles approved with or without comments may be reviewed a second time, if Technical Committee consideres so.